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Lumen Mini ready to light up your phone

LaCie brings new and unique form factors to 4 new hard drives

ZTE BlueWatch may look a bit familiar

Flir wants to heat up iPhones

Playstation Now dives into streaming

ZTE bets on 'death of the camera' prediction with Nubia

Steam gets hardware with 13 upcoming Steam Machines

Coolest entrance at CES 2014? Doc Brown in his Delorean

Audi or F-16? 2015 will bring the Audi TT a virtual cockpit

Cameras are everywhere at CES 2014

Ora-S takes on Google Glass with AR eyewear

Tabu's Lumen and Lumen Mini bulbs are Bluetooth-enabled and ready for lighting up dorm rooms, parties, and creating a mood. Multi-function lightbulbs are definitely a trend this year.
Caption by / Photo by Colin West McDonald/CNET
Luke Westaway scopes out four new LaCie hard drives premiered at CES 2014, including this cool LaCie Sphere.
Caption by / Photo by CNET
Scott Stein takes a look at ZTE's entry into wearable tech: the BlueWatch, a combination smartwatch and fitness tracker that bears a resemblance to Pebble.
Caption by / Photo by Brian Bennett/CNET
Flir showed off a "hot" gadget at CES 2014. The turns iPhones into heat sensors with a thermal image display. The Flir One, expected to retail for under $350, will work with the iPhone 5 and 5S.
Caption by / Photo by Amanda Kooser/CNET
Sony moves into the streaming game ecosystem with Playstation Now, a service that will allow you to stream PS3 games to the PS4, PS3, Vita, and Bravia TVs. Per-item rental and subscription plans are coming this summer.
Caption by / Photo by Matthew Moskovciak/CNET
ZTE looks like it's buying into the "death of the camera" rumors with its Nubia 5S and 5 Mini phones. Both feature 13-megapixel rear facing cameras and 5-megapixel front-facing cameras, sure to tempt those who only want to carry one device.
Caption by / Photo by CNET
While Sony moves into streaming onto their devices, Steam is working on getting more hardware for their streamed games. The gaming service has partnered with companies -- including Alienware -- to have 13 new Steam Machines coming this year, all showcased at CES 2014.
Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET
Sure to win coolest entrance at CES 2014 was the Gibson-sponsored appearance of actor Christopher Lloyd in his character's iconic Delorean from the "Back to the Future" movies. Lloyd's Doc Brown even wore smart glasses.
Caption by / Photo by Sarah Tews/CNET
Audi showed off the 2015 TT at CES 2014, which will feature an array of applications from navigation to media controls that will put everything you need at the touch of a button -- right on the TT's dashboard.
Caption by / Photo by Wayne Cunningham/CNET
From Nikon's confirmation of the long-anticipated D4 successor, the D4S, to Pivothead's "camera for your face" to Samsung's megazoom Smart Cameras, phones were a big thing on Tuesday at CES 2014.
Caption by / Photo by Lori Grunin/CNET
While it's not as stylish as Google Glass (or even this sporty style from GlassUp revealed at CES 2014), Ora-S' AR Eyewear is bulkier, but does more, and at a lower price.
Caption by / Photo by Sally Neiman/CNET
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