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Introducing Samsung TecTiles

Samsung's forthcoming new TecTile app for Android 4.0 is a new take on shortcuts, and it works with the company's TecTile stickers to program various actions. Samsung groups these into Setting & Apps, Phone & Text, Location & Web, and social networks.
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Program your phone to...

So what kinds of cool things can you do with NFC? Let's say you tack a TecTile sticker to your bedside phone dock and tap it before bed. In a second, you can simultaneously turn on your alarm and night mode, without stabbing your finger at the screen. Tap again when you wake up to toggle it off. (Just set it to toggle.)

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Get social in a tap

There's less you can do with version 1 of this app when it comes to socializing, but you can definitely check in to Facebook and Foursquare, or program the phone to open a certain Web page. I see more social uses for event planners who could program a sticker so attendees can tag in to events, or look up a promotional Web page instead of typing it into the browser.

I know you have questions, so make sure you read my full TecTile post for more details.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET
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