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Garnet red

Amber brown

Titanium Grey

Sapphire Black

Today, Samsung shared its plans to broaden the color spectrum for its breakout Samsung Galaxy S3 hero phone. Not every color will come to every market, and Samsung isn't sharing any availability details just yet.

Already available exclusively for AT&T in the U.S., this "garnet" specimen looks more brick red in real life, but it lightens considerably when hit with light.

Caption by / Photo by Samsung
This brown shade looks more chocolately than amber in photos.
Caption by / Photo by Samsung
The polished, classic color will appeal to those looking for a less flashy look than red, blue, or white.
Caption by / Photo by Samsung
Hey, wait a second, isn't sapphire blue? Expect this shimmery finish to look blue-black in the light, especially when it catches reflections around you.
Caption by / Photo by Samsung
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