Samsung's four-door fridge is a stunner (pictures)

This might be the best-looking fridge $4,000 can buy. But is it any good?

Ry Crist
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Samsung's Chef Collection fridge is a gorgeous appliance -- but it costs a whopping $6,000. Enter the RF32FMQDBSR. Along with a less catchy moniker, it comes with the same design as the Chef Collection model -- and costs a lot less. Click through to take a look.

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Open up

The RF32FMQDBSR boasts 30 cubic feet of storage space, making it one of the roomier refrigerators on the market. With all that space, we had no trouble fitting our groceries and stress test items inside of it.

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Down below

The RF32FMQDBSR is a "t-type" fridge, meaning that it's essentially split into four quadrants. You get the French door style up top, and similar side-by-side action down below with the freezer, too. Plus, the right half of the freezer has its own adjustable thermostat, meaning you can dial the temperature up and use it for extra fridge space.

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Touch controls

You'll make those adjustments and access settings using a touch panel on the front of the fridge.

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Inside you'll find two crisper bins, but no humidity controls, which is a little disappointing in a refrigerator this expensive.

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In-door shelves

You'll also find plastic dividers in each in-door shelf designed to help you section things off. In practice, we found that they actually got in the way of storing bulkier items. Fortunately, you can pull them right out.

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Egg-centric design

There's an egg bin up in the top left door, too, but like those dividers, we didn't find it to be very helpful. Egg cartons won't quite fit inside, and loose eggs roll about freely in the bottom whenever you open and close the door.

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Ice maker overhang

Another in-door shelf woe: the ice maker's overhang makes it tough to fit tall items into the right door.

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Making room

The features in the body of the fridge are more successful. A slide-shelf helps make room for tall items. A similar fold-up shelf does the same thing.

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At both the 37- and 34-degree settings, the fridge ran a few degrees warm, with the bottom shelves in each door (light green, light purple) running the warmest.

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37 degrees

Here are the average temperatures from that first test at the default 37-degree setting. Too much orange in those doors.

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34 degrees

That orange disappears when you dial the fridge down a few degrees, but the temperatures still weren't as accurate as we'd have liked to have seen.

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Price point

The Samsung RF32FMQDBSR costs $4,000 -- two grand less than the Chef Collection refrigerator's MSRP. Does that make it a solid value pick for an upscale kitchen renovation? Pour through our full review to help you decide.

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