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SmartThings 2.0

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BERLIN -- A new generation of SmartThings connected home gadgets is here, including an upgraded Hub to control all of your smart home gear. We got our hands on all of it at Samsung's presser at the IFA tech conference here. Click through to see what's what.

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The new motion sensor is a bit smaller than the first one, but works the same way. If it sees something moving, your system will know.

You can use that motion to trigger things to happen automatically. It's a handy way to train your lights to come on when you enter a room, or to start to build your own security system.

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SmartThings calls them Multi Sensors, but typically, these are called door and window sensors, or open/closed sensors.

Stick the large part on your door or window frame and the small part on the door or window itself. They're magnetically attracted to one another, so when you open the door and separate them, the system knows.

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The system's plug-in Smart Switch is basically unchanged, though like the rest of the sensors and accessories, it's a bit smaller.

Plug it in and plug something else in behind it, and you'll be able to turn that thing on and off remotely using the SmartThings app. You can also automate it to come on at certain times or when certain conditions are met -- a lamp that turns on when the motion detector sees you walk into the room, for instance.

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Don't worry if you're in the UK -- there's a version of the switch for you, too.

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Here's the SmartThings Presence Sensor. Again, there's not much that's new from the original version save for the slightly smaller design.

The sensor simply keeps track of comings and goings into your home. Clip it to your keychain, toss it in your kid's backpack, or clip it to your dog's collar. SmartThings will know when they're home -- and when they're not.

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The Moisture Sensor does what it promises -- it senses moisture. Put one in your basement or under your sink, and you'll know right away when something springs a leak.

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Finally, here's the new SmartThings Hub. Plug it into your router, where it'll manage all of your devices wirelessly.

There are a couple of key upgrades to the second-generation version. These include a faster processor that lets it stream a smart camera's video feed on the SmartThings app, a battery backup for power outages and a local cache of automations to help keep things running when the Internet goes out.

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Starter kits including the new hub are available from today. They should be arriving in select retail outlets in the coming weeks.

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You can also buy more sensors a la carte style. Or select from the growing number of third-party devices that work with the SmartThings system.

For more from IFA 2015, check out CNET's complete coverage.

Caption by / Photo by Andrew Hoyle/CNET
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