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Samsung's school of sharks has three pupils -- the Shark S5350, the Shark 2 S5550 and the Shark 3 S3550 -- and we clocked two of the toothy beasts at Mobile World Congress last week.

The Shark S5350 is a basic candybar phone that looks sleek and attractive in person, and has a traditional-looking feature-phone user interface that shouldn't shock anyone who's used to stepping out with a Nokia phone. It has a 56mm (2.2-inch) screen, 3G and an assortment of widgets to keep you connected to social networks such as Facebook.

The Shark S3550 packs it all into a slider with a 51mm (2-inch) screen that ditches the 3G connectivity. Both are sure to be inexpensive phones when they swim into stores any time soon, so if you're in the market for a budget phone with a fishy flavour, click 'Continue' to check out our hands-on photos.

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The shiny back of the Shark S5350 sports a 3.2-megapixel camera and an attractive textured finish.
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The Shark S3550 is small enough for the most petite pocket, but you should try out the flat, unseparated keys to see if they work for you.
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Not only does the Slider lack 3G, it has a mere 2-megapixel camera -- but it is very small.
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