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The Samsung S7070 Diva is targeted at the woman who isn't afraid to wear high heels to the beach or ask for her Smarties to be separated by colour. This touchscreen phone has a case with a quilted texture, a pearly finish and a diamond-shaped home key that can only be pulled off by a true prima donna.

The Diva's 3.2-megapixel camera has a beauty mode that gives you a Vaseline-on-your-lens effect, while Facebook and Twitter widgets help you to share your glow with the world.

There's even a choice of 'feminine' themes, including swirly fonts, which you might like if you're the kind of girl who thinks Barbie as a computer engineer looks butch.

You can find your inner Diva exclusively at Carphone Warehouse, which will chuck in some free Benefit make-up to further help beautify your profile pics. All this bling comes free on a £15-per-month contract, and the phone will be coming to more outlets at the end of the month.

Click 'Continue' to see the Diva strut its stereotypical stuff.

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The Diva's music player includes an instant playlist button to help you make the perfect mix for the moment.
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The back of the Diva features quilted goodness and a 3.2-megapixel camera.
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