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Are you fat? Do you wish there were a piece of technology to magic away your meat apron? Well there isn't, unfortunately, but Samsung has come up with a gadget known as MyFit that can get you back on the path to not being such a disgusting slob.

The concept is very simple: input your personal details -- height, weight and gender -- and MyFit works out how overweight or underweight you are. That's not all, though. The built-in fat analyser on the top edge of the device can measure the amount of blubber you have in specific sections of your body, and will suggest exercises to help you turn that fat into muscle. Measure yourself regularly and MyFit can create a monthly graph to show how far you've progressed towards your goal.

Other neat tricks include a built-in pedometer, a database of foods to tell you exactly how many calories you're shovelling down your throat, and a stress sensor that analyses your heart rate to tell you how much you hate your job, spouse or life in general. As regards that last feature, MyFit can recommend a song to help calm you down or channel your energy more positively.

We tried the MyFit out at the Samsung stand at CES 2010 recently, and it told us we were fat, stressed-out and that we should listen to Kylie. We can't say that's much help, but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt, and a proper test, at some point in the near future. More pics await you when you exercise your mouse finger and click 'Continue'.

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That blue dude looks in pretty good shape. Apart from being blue.
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This sensor checks just what a porker you are. After a week of Vegas-size portions here at CES, we could do with one of these ourselves.
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