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1988 - The first mobile phone

The SH-100 was Samsung's very first mobile phone. It's as old as I am, so not that old.

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1999 - The first watch phone

Before mobile devices were smart, they just were. The SPH-WP10 was a rare glimpse of the future. The hybrid combined the convenience of a digital watch and mobile phone. It wasn't very successful.

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1999 - The first MP3 phone

Samsung's first MP3-playing phone, the SPH-M2500, had 32MB of storage and came with a remote control. How cute. These days 8GB is considered the bare minimum.

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1999 - The first TV phone

The SCH-M220 was Samsung's first cell phone with TV broadcasting. It would seem sadistic to watch TV on this thing today, but back in 1999 it was one of the only options.

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2000 - The first camera phone

Samsung was the first to release a phone with a camera on it. That means Samsung is basically to blame for the selfie, Kim Kardashian and social networking.

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2004 - The first screen-rotating phone

Samsung added a screen that rotates onto the body of a flip phone and called it the SGH-V500. It looks really awkward.

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2004 - The first GSM and CDMA phone

The Samsung SCH-A790 didn't have a speakerphone, but you could take it with to over 100 countries. Sometimes you had to compromise.

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2005 - The first satellite TV phone

We've seen this one before inside of a Korean museum.


The Samsung SCH-B100 was the company's first satellite TV phone.

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2010 - The first Galaxy

Samsung considered the Samsung Galaxy S a success after it sold more than 10 million units worldwide.

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2011 - The first Galaxy Note

Who needs a PDA if you have a smartphone? Stylus fans, that's who.

The Samsung Galaxy Note fulfilled this niche need, boasting a supersized screen and the S-Pen stylus.

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2013 - The first smartwatch

Samsung was early to jump on smartwatches. The Galaxy Gear had some potential, as evident in the Galaxy Gear S2.

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2015 - The first dual-edge curved screen

Not one to be afraid of bold design choices, Samsung released the curvaceous Galaxy S6 Edge last year. The newest model, the Galaxy S7 Edge, is even bigger and better.

Take a look at everything else Samsung announced at Mobile World Congress in less than three minutes. Or just read about it.

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