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Samsung Gravity 3

As with Samsung's Gravity 1 and 2, the Gravity 3 is a messaging phone for T-Mobile. It's very similar to its predecessors, but receives a fetching makeover.

Published:Caption:Photo:Joshua Miller/CNET

Tools on the side

The right spine houses a dedicated camera button and a MicroUSB charging port, while the left spine hosts the volume rocker. Since there's no dedicated headphone jack, anyone wishing to make wired calls will need to use a MicroUSB headset. There is, however, stereo Bluetooth support for hands-free calling.

Published:Caption:Photo:Joshua Miller/CNET

Electric slide

Electric blue accents show up on the rim, the dialpad, the keyboard, and the back of the Gravity 3's sliding screen.

Published:Caption:Photo:Joshua Miller/CNET


The full QWERTY keyboard gets an attractive visual upgrade, but, sadly, loses the two soft keys that aided navigation in the Gravity 3's predecessors.

Published:Caption:Photo:Joshua Miller/CNET


The 2.0 megapixel camera takes basic photos that won't win you any prizes, but is capable of capturing the moment.

Published:Caption:Photo:Joshua Miller/CNET
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