The many faces of the Samsung Gear S2 (photos)

Samsung's newest smartwatch wears a modern design.

Sarah Mitroff
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Samsung Gear S2

Samsung's new smartwatch, the Gear S2, has brand-new design that features a wheel around the face of the watch.

Inside, the software gets a makeover too, with new features and upgraded watch faces.

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Pick a face

You can pick from many different designs that mimic physical watch faces.

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Branded clocks

Samsung has partnered with some brands for specialty watch faces, like this one from CNN that shows headlines.

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Digital designs too

There are digital watch faces too with various designs.

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Samsung Gear S2 vs the Apple Watch

Here's a side by side of the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S2. Both watches offer a variety of faces.

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Like many other smartwatches, the Gear S2 has plenty of built-in features that complement your phone. Though it's running on Samsung's Tizen operating system (instead of Android), you'll be able to download apps for the watch.

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Get messages on your wrist

 Here, you can read text messages from your phone on your wrist.

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Reading messages

You can read the text and scroll through the message.

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Typing out a message

Reply to messages with a keyboard that's designed with the watch's tiny screen in mind.

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Quick replies

Or, if you prefer, you can send a prewritten reply.

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Send an emoji

You can send emojis from the watch too.

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Calendar events

The Gear S2 shows you important info at your fingertips, like calendar events.

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Here's a look at the watch's main menu.

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Step counts

With activity sensors built-in, the Gear S2 can measure how many steps you take everyday and the distance you cover.

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Heart rate monitoring

The watch will measure your heart rate and show it on the screen.

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The heart rate sensor

The heart rate sensor is on the back of the watch and measures your pulse using light.

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Activity monitoring

The Gear S2 will nudge you to move more.

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Track your beverages

You can also use the watch to track how much water, tea, coffee or more you drink each day.

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Check you emails from your watch.

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Browse your photos

Look through your photos too.

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Voice memos

Record a voice memo for later.

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Summon a car

Apps running on the watch let you do basic functions. With the Uber app, shown here, you can summon a car.

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