Thought you'd seen everything there was to see of the latest additions to the Samsung Galaxy family, courtesy of all those leaked pictures? Think again, mon petit chou-fleurs, because we've gathered a boatload of official pictures for you to feast your ocular bits on. Click through the gallery to see more of the ace-faced Galaxy Ace, fun Galaxy Fit, glamorous Galaxy Gio, and budget Galaxy mini.

Each of the phonetastic four brings with it Android 2.2, or Froyo. The Ace sneaks into the lead with Android 2.2.1.

There's an Ace up Three's sleeve, as it will land on the 3G-only network. Although we don't yet know how much the phone itself will cost, Three's One Plan starts at £25 per month and offers unlimited data for two years.

All four offer Swype swipey-typing and integrated inboxes. The Ace and Fit boast 5-megapixel cameras, while the Mini and Gio take 3-megapixel snaps. The Mini gets its name from being so darn small, while Gio is apparently 'jewel' in Italian. Fancy, eh, il mio piccolo cavolfiori?

Do any of the new stars in the Galaxy explode your supernova? All four phones arrive in March -- but Crave will get its grubby little hands on the galactic quartet even sooner than that, as we report from Barcelona-set phonefiesta Mobile World Congress in February. Keep it CNET UK, mi coliflores poco!

Here's the Ace in black.
The Ace sports a 3.5-inch, 320x480-pixel screen.
It also comes in white.
Look at that. Ffffiiittt.
Witness the Fitness.
Here's the Fit in white.
Here's the Gio at a saucy angle.
Back in black.
The Gio goes sideways.
Here's the colourful budget mini.
The mini in eco-friendly green.
Is anyone else craving a chocolate lime right now?
The mini also comes in white.
No green accents here.
The mini, like all the new Galaxies, drops in March.


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