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Samsung has unveiled its 2011 range of 3D TVs: the LED-illuminated D8000, D7000 and D6500; and the D8000 and D6900 plasma sets. All offer a 1080p resolution.

The high-end D8000 LED and plasma sets (shown above) are the brightest stars in Samsung's 3D firmament. They've inherited the good looks of last year's top-end C8000 LED set, but have an even thinner bezel, measuring a minuscule 5mm across.

The D8000 comes with Samsung's new 3D glasses and a 'TwinView Touch Control' remote (pictured below). The remote offers a 3-inch screen that displays content playing on the D8000. That'll prove handy if you need to pop down to the kitchen to get your biryani out the oven but don't want to miss any of the latest Miss Marple episode.


The D8000's Wi-Fi will let you access the Samsung app store, and also stream media from devices on your network. A 'Smart Hub' feature will let you search the TV, Internet and networked devices for specific content, as well as browse the Internet.

The step-down LED D7000 and plasma D6900 are similar to their D8000 counterparts, offering the same Web and networking features, and a similarly tiny bezel. They lack the fancy remote control, though. 

With a relatively porky 12mm bezel, the cheaper D6500 isn't as handsome a beast as the other new TVs. It does, however, sport a range of features aimed at helping the polar bears, including an energy-saving mode that reduces power consumption by about 40 per cent, according to Samsung.

UK pricing and availability hasn't been announced yet, but click through our photo gallery to see the TVs, and keep your eyes peeled for hands-on photos soon.

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Here's the D7000.
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The transparent lip around the D7000's bezel has a red tinge.
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The D6500 isn't as pretty as its more expensive siblings.
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