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Psst! Want to be utterly overwhelmed by a deluge of new Samsung laptops and netbooks? Great, pull up a chair, because we've just got wind of not one, not two, but four different series of portable computer from the Korean electronics deity.

First off the assembly line is the SF series -- a hyper-attractive range of laptops designed seemingly to drop jaws and extract drool from anyone within 100 feet. They come in a choice of screen sizes (13.3-inch SF310, 14-inch SF410 and 15.6-inch SF 510), feature Intel Core i3 or i5 CPUs and have hybrid graphics solutions that switch between Nvidia and Intel chips depending on whether you're gaming or doing something mundane like checking emails.

Samsung obviously knows it's onto a good thing with the look of the SF series, so it's also using that chassis design for a new range of netbooks known as the NF series. Within this group, you'll find the NF310, NF210 and the NF110, all of which have their unique selling points. The NF310 promises a high-definition 1,366x768-pixel display, the NF210 promises a whopping 14-hour battery life and the NF110 is, for want of a better word, cheap.

If the SF and HF devices aren't your bag, Samsung has also whipped up a fresh batch of RF series goodness, which it promises will be the fastest, most powerful products in its portfolio. The RF series is available in two screen sizes -- 15.6-inch (RF510) and 17.3-inch (RF710) -- and will feature up to 1TB of storage, Nvidia GT330M graphics and a either Core i5 or Core i7 CPUs.

Still awake? Good, because the laptop deluge continues. Samsung's also crafted a new RV series, which it believes will "deliver functionality at a reasonable price". It'll feature a 15-inch screen, an Intel Core i3 CPU and an ergonomic keyboard.

Samsung has yet to announce availability and pricing for the SF and RV laptops, but says the SF and NF series are scheduled to hit the streets this October for an as-yet-undisclosed quantity of cash. We'll have more on all these laptops and more the minute we wrestle the information from Samsung.

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Here's the baby of the bunch, the NF110. It lacks all the fancy extras seen on its bigger NF brothers (isolated keyboard, high-def screen etc.), but Samsung says it'll be very affordable.
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Here's the back of the curvaceous new NF210. It has a 6-cell battery that promises a whopping 14 hours of life. Get in.
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The NF310 is the multimedia darling in the netbook range and promises a high-resolution 1,366x768-pixel display.
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Underneath all that gloss, the NF310 also has the latest Atom N550 dual-core CPU and DDR3 memory.
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This lady's rockin' out with the 14-inch SF410 laptop. Purty, ain't it? The laptop, we mean.
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Here's a slightly different angle of the SF410. It comes with either Core i3 or Core i5 graphics and two different graphics cards, one for performance and one for enhanced battery life.
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The SF range promises a 7.5-hour battery life and Samsung's "Express Charging Mode", which reduces charging times to deliver a full battery in under 3 hours.
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