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Liquid's interactive TV Portal

Rovi, formerly Macrovision, announced Liquid, a media guide that will merge television, Internet, and personal multimedia content into a single, sleek graphical interface. The company plans on releasing the guide to consumer electronics manufacturers in early 2010.

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Liquid will provide a number of different ways to watch

Liquid will offer extensive show information and playback options. On top of typical broadcast TV, the guide will also incorporate broadband Internet content through services such as Slacker Radio, YouTube XL, and possibly Blockbuster OnDemand.

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Content recommendations through social networks Flixster

Rovi promises that Liquid will offer a personal experience with the ability to learn user preferences and tastes. It will also have access to social networking services like Flixster to provide recommendations.

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Personal photo collection in Liquid

The guide will be able to access and share your personal media, such as a digital photo collection. However, it's not clear yet how exactly you'll incorporate or share your own media.

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An attractive design, but some errors?

While Liquid's design looks very attractive, there is a visible error in the TV guide. Notice how 48 Hours Mystery, a CBS program, is also mistakenly listed under ABC. If this isn't a mock-up image, then Liquid is probably using preset data instead of pulling real guide data.

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