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CNET Australia just concluded a competition whereby our readers could win a new TV by sending in a photo of an old daggy model that they felt might be worthy of an upgrade.

Judging by the flood of entries, there are lots of old CRT TVs out there clinging to life, many with the help of sticky tape, strategically placed stickers and the odd coat hanger or two.

We bring you this gallery of our winners as a tribute to the old beasts. Remember when TVs came in wood cabinets and you had to get up and turn a dial or punch a button to change the channel? When set-up stopped at plugging in the power and antenna, and calibration meant nudging the Hue dial a notch to the right or left?

We're becoming spoiled by our big high-definition flat panels, but you've at least got to tip your hat to a CRT technology that still works 20-30 years down the track (helped by the government's five-year delay in switching off analog signals). How many of you think your hot new plasma or LCD will still be kicking in 2029?

Winner: Agis Dimitrakopoulos, Barmera, SA
"The missus told me I can't have a new TV until this one completely breaks down. If I don't win, please send hammer!"

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Winner: Tim Durkin, Toowong, Qld
"We're desperate for a new Samsung TV because with our old Thorn 'Colour' we can't even see the yellow ball when watching tennis!"

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Winner: Jeremy Hoglin, Greensborough, Vic
"AMA's Radiola 'Deep Image 19' is one stylish beast, yet lacks the HD lustre and brilliance that the Samsung LED TV has, that I need."

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Winner: Jo Weeding, Peterborough, SA
"Help! My only other TV is 32cm, 24 years old, and runs my video because this baby doesn't have UHF. Freeview? No chance!"

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