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All lit up

This week, we asked Crave readers to submit their best Instagram shots of tech gear, and as usual, they did not disappoint. We got submissions from all over the US, as well as from readers in Italy, Australia, Portugal, and elsewhere around the globe. Click through our gallery to see just some of our favorites, and if you feel Instagram-inspired, be on the lookout. We'll be asking for more reader Instagram submissions soon.

Here, Colin Urtes of Madison, Wis. (Instagram user Cfu29) goes in close on a backlit MacBook Pro keyboard.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Colin Urtes
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Someone's got game

Johnny Mota of Santa Rosa, Calif. (Instagram user JMOTA3) paws down wins the award for "cutest shot ever of a gaming dog" for this image of his assistant Tangy, a Maltese/Chihuahua mix, hanging on tight to a Sony PlayStation 3.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Johnny Mota
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Mac mailbox

While out on a walk in Melbourne, Australia, Maarten Janssen (Instagram user maartenjanssen) spotted this unusual mailbox. "I thought it was quite a creative way of 'recycling' your old tech goodies," he says.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Maarten Janssen
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Street scene

Andrew Clark (Instagram user fool4surf) came across this tangle of discarded electronics in an alley in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood. "Someone's idea of e-cycling?" he asks.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Andrew Clark
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After a long day

Even laptops appreciate a beautiful sunset, as this shot by Julio Ojeda-Zapata of St. Paul, Minn. (Instagram userojezap) shows.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Julio Ojeda-Zapata
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Feeling blue

Jeremy Trimble of Annapolis, Md. (Instagram user JeremyAtBestBuyMobile1931) used the "Nashville" filter to capture this shot of an iPhone 5C in cyan alongside a matching pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD headphones.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jeremy Trimble
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Old-world camera

A modern image of a vintage camera, the 1945 Mercury II, by Newark, Ohio, photographer Gregory Sheka (Instagram user dzeek).

"Part of the reason why I like Instagram is that it offers great filters to instantly apply for great effects," he says. At the same time, he notes, it doesn't limit photographers from "going outside the box, so to speak, and utilizing other great tools used in the photography industry."

Sheka opted for a bright, vivid look with a touch of old-world style to show a camera that introduced the "hot shoe" accessory mount to the camera industry.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Gregory Sheka
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Focus on Chrome

Lorenzo Sabelli of Italy (Instagram user Loresab86) went with black and white -- and a splash of color for the Google Chrome logo -- to highlight a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Nova Launcher home screen replacement.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lorenzo Sabelli
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Time machine?

During a visit to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero, Calif., former CNET reporter Elinor Mills (Instagram user shiksabomb) stumbled upon this "interesting light box with electronics and a book inside." Any ideas what it might be?

Updated:Caption:Photo:Elinor Mills
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All aglow

A Cooler Master Storm QuickFire looks glamorous in this shot by Dominic Colt of Eerie, Penn. (Instagram user dcolt45). In gaming mode, certain keys on the keyboard light up.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Dominic Colt
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Side by side

This moody shot comes from Luis Filipe Goncalves Jacinto of Portugal (Instagram user lui5jacint0). After buying a new MacBook Air in 2012, he took the shot to contrast the new machine with his 5-year-old HP laptop.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Luis Filipe Goncalves Jacinto
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iMac in the window

Remember these? A blue iMac gets its closeup in this light-drenched image by Julio Ojeda-Zapata of St. Paul, Minn. (Instagram userojezap).

Updated:Caption:Photo:Julio Ojeda-Zapata
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Rx for audiophiles

Call it medicine for the ears. Johnny Mota of Santa Rosa, Calif. (Instagram user JMOTA3) snapped this photo of Cali Buds Audio earbuds, which come packaged in a prescription bottle.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Johnny Mota
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Out in nature

Through the eyes of the iPhone 5. Luke Coleman (Instagram user lukec787) snapped this foliage shot in Charlton, Mass.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Luke Coleman
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A mighty hand

That hand belongs to none other than Stephen Beacham (Instagam user stephenbeacham), host of Crave's weekly video podcast. Here, he's MIDI'd an iPad to a Yamaha Motif 6 synthesizer to work on sound for the show.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Stephen Beacham
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Getting a charge

This shot shows a Samsung Galaxy S4 charging wirelessly. Colin Urtes of Madison, Wis. (Instagram user Cfu29) calls the image "The Future is Now."

Updated:Caption:Photo:Colin Urtes
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5S in black and white

A shiny new iPhone, this one a 5S captured by Randy Brown of San Jose, Calif.

"It's my third iPhone and I'm totally happy with it," Brown says. "Upgrading from the 4S (my first was the 3GS), the 5S is leaps and bounds better than my 4S. Super-fast processor, wicked camera, awesome fingerprint security...I love it all."

As you might guess from his Instagram user name (adventuresinanalo) and the sticker on his device, Brown also loves taking pictures the old-fashioned way, with film.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Randy Brown
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GPS commute

While biking to work along the Swan River in Perth, Australia, Jacob O'Neill (Instagram user h0ppa) snapped this action shot of his Garmin Edge 500, a GPS device for performance-focused cyclists.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Jacob O'Neill
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Gadget showdown

Vahe Sargsyan of Hollywood, Calif., (Instagram user estragonv) shared this photo of "my baby Mini intimidated by old, mean Tosh." That's one moody Mac.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Vahe Sargsyan
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