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Killer Instinct Gold: Main Theme

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Saria's Song; Song of Storms

Unreal Tournament: Run

Need for Speed: Underground: Born Too Slow

Arkanoid: ZX Spectrum Title Theme

Metal Gear Solid 4: Metal Gear Saga

Shadow of the Beast

Fallout 2: A Kiss to Build a Dream On

Portal 2: Want You Gone

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest: Bloody Tears

Red Dead Redemption: Far Away

God of War II: The End Begins

Out Run: Splash Wave

Well, dear readers, we gave you our recommendations, and you shot back in fine style — so much so that you deserve a feature showcasing your own excellent choices.

If you want to go check it out, you can find our selections for the best video-game songs of all time here.

Got any more to add? Let us know!

Composed by Neil D Voss

Henry said:

"Tetrisphere on the N64 had an awesome progressive techno soundtrack."

Caption by / Photo by H2O Entertainment
Composed by Robin Beanland

Henry said,

"Also, another N64 game (which actually came with the CD soundtrack) was Killer Instinct Gold."

Caption by / Photo by Rare Ltd
Composed by Koji Kondo

Karlos, Greig, Tom and Shaun all voted for The Legend of Zelda, with Tom elaborating that "The Lost Woods" and "Song of Storms" were the best two songs.

Caption by / Photo by Nintendo
Composed by Alexander "Siren" Brandon, Michiel "MCA" van den Bos, Andrew "necros" Sega and Dan "Basehead" Gardopée.

Billy said:

"Mass Effect series, Unreal Tournament, Halo".

Since Unreal Tournament was the only one of those that we didn't have a track from, here is a track called "Run".

Caption by / Photo by GT Interactive
Composed and performed by The Crystal Method

Karl said:

"'Born Too Slow' on Need for Speed".

We think this one is cheating a tiny bit, since the song wasn't written for the game, but since it is technically on a video game soundtrack, we guess it qualifies.

Caption by / Photo by Electronic Arts
Composer unknown

Sergey said:

"That sad theme from Arkanoid for PC/XT (circa 1981) CGA version, when the storyline is told ..."

(We hope we found the right one, Sergey.)

Caption by / Photo by Taito
Composed by Harry Gregson-Williams

Songs from Metal Gear Solid 1, 2 and 3 were not enough for Cedric:

"Why no Metal Gear Solid 4?"

Preshen added in his two cents:

"I think every song in MGS 4 should be on this list; not only were they awesome, but they were well placed amongst the situations."

Caption by / Photo by Konami
Composed by David Whittaker

Composed by Ben Houge

Logan said:

"Needs more Shadow of the Beast. And Arcanum."

Caption by / Photo by Reflections Interactive
Composed by Louis Armstrong

As per our earlier comment, we think this one is also cheating a little. Jai, however, thought that we were random-capitalisation insane:

"Are you cRaZY?

"You missed Fallout 2's 'A Kiss to Build a Dream On'.


Caption by / Photo by Interplay Entertainment
Composed by Jonathan Coulton and performed by Ellen McLain

AshtonH said:

"Portal 2 — 'Want You Gone'".

It just ain't no "Still Alive", though.

Caption by / Photo by Valve
Composed by Kanichi Matsubara

Maverick John also thought that we had lost some of our marbles, but he gave us this, too:

"Personally, I thought 'Bloody Tears' should have been in there from Castlevania; it's the most memorable song from the series, anyone who would have heard it would have known where it came from straight away."

Caption by / Photo by Konami
Composed by Jose Gonzalez

Composed by Jamie Lidell

Composed by Ashtar Command

Yadekul seems to be labouring under a misapprehension vis a vis my provenance and a certain Beatles' real name, but he also raised a good point:

"Ahh, Michelle, as Ringo's granddaughter, I thought you'd do a little better with your musical selection! You forgot the pure awesomeness of Red Dead Redemption.

"Jose Gonzalez wrote 'Far Away' for it (brilliant), Jamie Lidell came up with 'Compass' (also brilliant) and then Ashtar Command contributed the incredible closing theme, 'Dead Man's Gun'. That one would bring a tear to a glass eye."

Caption by / Photo by Rockstar
Composed by Gerard K Marino

Goose90 told us:

"God Of War OST — 'The End Begins'. Most epic thing I've ever heard."

Caption by / Photo by Sony Computer Entertainment
Composed by Hiroshi Miyauchi

Alex said:

"I have fond memories of 'Splash Wave' on the old Sega Outrun arcade machine!"

Caption by / Photo by Sega
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