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Razer Edge awaiting review

Here's the packaging for everything Razer handed us today, including the tablet, the game pad accessory, a spare battery, and a docking station.

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Out of the box

Razer's new Edge and accessories, unpacked.

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Game pad, meet tablet

The Edge tablet works as a standalone device, but the Core i7 model also includes a detachable game pad accessory. The spare battery pops into a small panel on the game pad.

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PC gaming on the go

Razer is keeping battery life promises realistic with the Edge. Because of the discrete graphics card, you should expect only an hour or so of portable gaming, and perhaps twice that with the battery add-on.

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The Edge on edge

The docking station accessory gives you a few usage possibilities. You can set it up like a small-screen desktop, or like a game console or large-screen desktop if you connect it to a TV or a larger display.

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Thicker than the average tablet

The Edge measures roughly 0.75 inch thick, and weighs 2.14 pounds. By comparison, Apple's most recent 10-inch iPad weighs 1.44 pounds, and is only 0.37 inch thick.

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Docking station ports

The HDMI-out on the docking station gives the Edge its display versatility, and the three USB 3.0 jacks make it possible to plug in a mouse, a keyboard, and a game controller at the same time. The tablet itself provides another USB 3.0 port, but neither the Edge nor its docking station offers SD card inputs or an Ethernet jack. Razer will sell the latter as an external accessory.

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Game pad at rest

You might not play games for too long with the Edge on battery power, but it's at least designed for the task.

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Edge blown up

The Edge defaults to extended-display mode when you connect it to a second screen. It also didn't scale properly to our Samsung television, requiring us to go in to the Nvidia graphics settings and manually adjust the aspect ratio.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Rich Brown/CNET
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