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Travis Stevens reworked a Fender Stratocaster copy into this colorful tribute to the coming zombie apocalypse. The axe features real bullet casings, a fake grenade, and a sort of bas-relief of a zombie horde breaking through a barrier.

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Ghoulish chops

The guitar's body has a distressed finish, with blood-spatter decorations around the Seymour Duncan pickups.

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Uprising? Don't fret

The maple neck's inlays feature brass bullet casings and a skull at the 12th fret. Perfect for heavy-metal finger tapping.

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Zombie head

The headstock says it all, and features locking Fender tuners.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Travis Stevens
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Bloody backplate

This backplate is a tribute to The "Walking Dead" and looks like a bloody warning on a laboratory door. Check out how the Zombie Apocalypse guitar sounds here.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Travis Stevens
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