Batman and Robin in the Lego Batcave

It took Flickr member "Orion Pax" (Alex Schranz) a week to build this extremely detailed Lego Batman version of the Batcave.

It's clear in this first image that, even in the Lego world, Bruce Wayne saves money on electricity.

Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz

The Batmobile waits in the Lego Batcave

As the Lego Batcave shows, Lego Batman's world draws more from Tim Burton's version of the superhero's adventures than from the vision of "Dark Knight Rises" director Christopher Nolan.
Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz

Batman standing by in the Lego Batcave

"Orion Pax" (Alex Schranz) cannibalized a "Woody" to make his Lego Batman a little taller.
Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz

A bat hangs around the Batmobile

"Orion Pax" (Alex Schranz) said he decided to build his Batcave out of all the Lego Batman pieces he'd collected over the years.
Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz

Bats hang over Batman's crime computer

One question not even the Lego Batcave can answer: What does Batman do about the guano that must pummel his keyboard?
Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz

Picturing the Lego Batcave

"Orion Pax" (Alex Schranz) used a Canon EOS 1000D to take his photos of the Lego Batcave.
Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz

Robin lingers in the Lego Batcave

Though he doesn't appear in Christopher Nolan's Batman universe, Robin is on display in Lego Batman.
Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz

The Lego Batcave illuminated

"Orion Pax" (Alex Schranz) used a neon light to illuminate his Lego Batcave.
Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz

Up to 9,000 Lego pieces give their lives for Batman

"Orion Pax" (Alex Schranz) used about 9,000 pieces to finish this Lego Batcave,
Photo by: Flickr/Alex Schranz


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