Cool purple accessories for your cool purple Samsung Galaxy S9

From a wireless headphone to a USB hub to rugged phone cases, everything's coming up purple.

Joal Ryan
1 of 19 Samsung

Purple reign

We've told you the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is a stunner in lilac purple. Now we're going to tell you about the cases, headphones and gadgets that'll make your phone even more striking -- with more purple.  

2 of 19 Caseology

Purple protection

Get the drop-tested Caseology Legion Galaxy S9 phone case -- in violet, of course -- from Caseology for $29.99

3 of 19 Urbanears

Purple ears

Pair your "Cosmos Purple" Plattan ADV Wireless headphone with your Galaxy S9 of a certain shade. Available from Urbanears for $69.  

4 of 19 ZBAM Team

Purple tripod

The selfie-enabling GekkoPod is a flexible, portable tripod that comes in purple. Available from Zbam Design; prices start at $29.95 for a single tripod."  

5 of 19 Phone Loops

Purple helper

The Ninja Loop universal phone strap, cited by CNET's Cheapskate columnist Rick Broida as one of his all-time favorite products, is available in purple for $4.99 from Phone Loops

6 of 19 MightySkins

Purple posies

Purple up your Galaxy S9-paired Tile Bluetooth trackers with this flowery matte skin from MightySkins. Get a four-pack for $8.99.  

7 of 19 OtterBox

Purple preserver

The screenless OtterBox Defender Series case is available in "Purple Nebula" for the Galaxy S9 Plus (pictured) and the Galaxy S9. Available from OtterBox for $59.95 (Galaxy S9 Plus) and $49.95 (Galaxy S9). 

8 of 19 LifeProof

Purple lifesaver

Life-proof your phone with the water-, drop-, dirt- and snow-impervious LifeProof Fre for Galaxy S9 case. Preorders now being taken at LifeProof; get one in purple-y chakra for $89.99.

9 of 19 PepsiCarola/Etsy shop

Purple amethyst

This case, available in both slim snap-on and tough-case models, is a natural for the lilac Galaxy S9 Plus or Galaxy S9. Get it on Etsy; prices starts at $25.99. 

10 of 19 Skinit

Purple hero

Skinit's DC Comics-approved Batgirl Comic Pop Galaxy S9 skin is all about the purple. Get it at Skinit for $14.99

11 of 19 Limitless Innovations

Purple power

The compact, five-port ChargeHub X5 USB charger is compatible with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus; in purple, one of its eight available colors, it's complementary, too. Buy it at ChargeHub for $49.99.

12 of 19 Mophie

Purple power boost

The 3,000mAh Mophie Powerstation Mini universal battery packs a punch in eight colors, including purple. Charge it at Mophie for $29.95

13 of 19 goTenna

Purple pal

Send texts and your GPS coordinates from your lilac Galaxy S9 with your purple goTenna Mesh. Available from goTenna; a two-pack, featuring purple and orange goTennas, goes for $179.

14 of 19 Belkin

Purple connection

The Belkin MIXIT 2.0 USB-C-to-Micro-USB Charge Cable is compatible with USB Type-C devices, like the Galaxy S9. Get this color-appropriate cord from Belkin for $19.99

15 of 19 Sticky Smart Wallet

Purple pocket

The card- and ID-holding Sticky Smart Wallet attaches to your phone, purple or otherwise, but you'll want the "Perfect Purple" version for your lilac Galaxy S9. Available from Sticky Smart Wallet for $5.99.

16 of 19 PopSockets

Purple pride

Not a Northwestern Wildcat fan? Not a problem. PopSockets offers a plethora of designs and colors. But, yes, the Northwestern one would go mighty nicely with your purple Galaxy S9. Get it at the PopSockets College Shop for $15.

17 of 19 Best Buy

Purple power to go

Best Buy's purple-hued Insignia brand portable charger will keep your purple Galaxy S9 in the green. So to speak.  

18 of 19 MightySkins

Purple stained

This skin is simply pretty in purple. Get MightySkins' Stained Glass skin for the Galaxy S9 at MightySkins for $8.99.

19 of 19 MightySkins

Purple rain

Lighten up your purple Galaxy S9 with MightySkins' Purple Lightning skin. Available from MightySkins for $8.99.

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