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Printing with the LG Pocket Photo

LAS VEGAS--Using NFC technology (as well as Bluetooth) to receive photos from your LG smartphone, the LG Pocket Photo is a mobile printer that's compact and stylish.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lynn La/CNET

A look at the front

The front of the printer, where the photos are printed out.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lynn La/CNET

Three peppy colors

Though there are no plans yet to bring the device to the U.S., it has been available in South Korea since September. In addition to orange, it comes in silver and pink.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lynn La/CNET

Memories in an instant

The printer measures 4.76 inches tall, 2.83 inches wide, and 0.94 inch thick. It prints out 2x3-inch photos.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lynn La/CNET

App required

Aside from owning an LG handset with NFC, users will also have to download the LG Pocket Photo app. The app can take photos using the phone's camera, edit pictures, and if you want, it can also generate QR codes to print out.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lynn La/CNET

No ink needed

To print photos, the device uses Zink, or Zero ink, paper technology. The printer heats up the dye crystals embedded inside the paper, triggering it to change colors corresponding to the photo.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lynn La/CNET

A size comparison

The LG Optimus G, which has NFC, next to the Pocket Photo.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lynn La/CNET
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