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We know Google is working on bringing its Glass tech to prescription-lens glasses. We've even seen a prototype pair. But this is the best look yet at what could be the finished article.

The pictures were posted by Google community manager Brian Matiash on his Google Plus page, Phandroid reports. Matiash has since pulled the pictures, which suggests they weren't supposed to go public quite yet.

"We don't comment on rumour or speculation," a spokesperson for Google told me.

They look pretty similar to the version we saw back in May on this gentleman's rather distinguished bonce. Namely, a regular pair of spectacles, but with the Google Glass arm and camera on one side.

What this means for wearers of regular spectacles who want to use Google Glass is anyone's guess. Will you need to buy a special pair? Or will Glass be compatible with most bog-standard specs?

Phandroid reckons that in order to work with Google's gadget, any glasses "will need to be made specifically for Glass", but I'm not so sure. I don't see why Google couldn't make Glass compatible with most spectacles. From these pictures, it looks like they just clip in. But then I don't wear glasses, so I'm not exactly an expert on the subject.

Google has shown off a version of Glass that supports prescription lenses, but it's still Glass you're wearing, rather than an add-on to your specs.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is in talks with VSP Global -- a company that ensures eye care for millions of Americans -- on how to integrate Glass into prescription lenses. As I say, Google hasn't made an official announcement yet, so we'll have to wait and see. No pun intended.

Are you looking forward to Google Glass? Or do you think anyone wearing it will look like a Glasshole? (I believe that's the correct term for it.) Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or read our eye chart over on our Facebook page.

Update: Added comment from Google.

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