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Thor the Handyman

Magneto's Scrap Metal Collection

Hannibal's Home Catering

E.T. Home Phone

Elsa's Fridge-Freezer Repair

Bruce Wayne Man Caves

When he's not serving as the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore has a pretty successful side business as the head of Dumble Doors, which helps customers "add some magic to [their] homes."

It's said that Dumble Doors keep you safe even from those crafty wizards who have mastered the unlocking charm.

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Thor has amassed a pretty solid reputation as being Asgard's top handyman. Instead of using his mighty hammer Mjölnir to thwart bad guys, handyman Thor uses it to help people hang things from the wall and make general repairs around the house.

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X-Men antagonist Magneto can control magnetic fields, and he's used that power to amass quite the scrap metal collection, which he sells when he's not out protecting mutants from those pesky humans.

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Looking to give your special someone a killer evening? Look no further than Hannibal's Home Catering. They aren't exactly known for their customer service, but a combination of low prices and some pretty exclusive and interesting menu options make Hannibal's Home Catering a must-try for your next murder mystery dinner party.

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The lovable little alien E.T. lets anyone in the galaxy phone home with just a touch of his finger with his company -- E.T. Home Telecom Solutions. All you need to do is call Mary or Elliott to get started making calls at incredibly low intergalactic call tariff rates.

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Do you need to fix your freezer? Elsa from "Frozen" has got you covered with Elsa's Fridge-Freezer repair, a service company that takes care of all your fridge and freezer maintenance needs.

She'll maybe even help you build a snowman. Don't you want to build a snowman?

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If you yearn for an incredible Batcave of your own, Mr. Bruce Wayne himself is set to deliver. His company, B. Wayne Man Caves, will give you a space of your own to relax in, watch the big game or serve as home base for your superhero operation.

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