Polar Pro Venture3+

The Venture3+ is a set of three lenses for GoPro Hero3+ cameras.

Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET

Durable ABS plastic frames

The lenses are made from glass surrounded by lightweight ABS plastic frames. Each lens has a microfiber pouch to protect them when not in use and clean them before you start shooting.

Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET

Push on, pull off

The filters fit snugly on the housing included with the Hero3+ cameras. Just push one on and you're ready to go. When you're done, just pull it off.

Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET

Polarizer filter

The fixed horizontal polarizer helps reduce glare off of water or snow or really any reflective surface. It will also make landscapes look more vivid and reduce haze.

Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET

Neutral Density filter

The ND filter basically slows down the shutter speed of the Hero3+; doing so adds motion blur, helps cut down on wobble from rolling shutter, and reduces blown highlights in really bright scenes.

Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET

Macro lens

This lens allows your GoPro to focus as close as 2 inches from a subject.

Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET

All three for $60

Each one sells separately for $30, but you can pick up the combo pack for $60 direct from Polar Pro, or $50 from Best Buy's site (though it doesn't look like they're for sale just yet).

Photo by: Joshua Goldman/CNET


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