At Sony's announcement of the arrival of the Video Delivery Service for Australian PlayStation users, the company also had two PlayStation Move games set up for us to try out.

The PlayStation Move controllers are motion sensitive and feel quite light in the hand; hopefully they're durable too.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET

Track it

In addition to motion sensitivity, the Move controller is topped by a glowing orb, which is tracked by a PlayStation Eye camera.

Photo by: Sony Computer Entertainment

We are the champions

Two PlayStation Move games were set up for us to play: Sports Champions and Move Party. Sports Champions seems to be in the same vein as Wii Sports, but, if nothing else, boasts significantly better graphics, including players that look, well, human.

Photo by: Sony Computer Entertainment

Archery champion, part I

The version of Sports Champion on display was a pre-alpha build and set up in archery mode.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET

Hang on

Before we could get our grubby mits on Sports Champion, a Sony henchman had to recalibrate the controllers for us.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET

Archery champion, part II

Here GameSpot AU's Laura Parker lines up a shot by pulling the blue controller backwards, before letting the trigger go to fire the arrow. The further you pull the blue controller back, the more power there is. Moving the yellow Move controller around adjusts your aim and view.

Arrow control felt quite natural, but of course there's no tactile feedback. And the movements for drawing an arrow out of the quiver were well tracked too, despite having to move the blue controller behind your back.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET


The other game on show was Move Party, which in augmented reality fashion replaces your real-life Move controller with some virtual implement. In the shot above, the user is wielding a fly swatter.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET

Stand up

This bubble popping game in Move Party required Laura to stand quite close to the television for full effect.

Photo by: Derek Fung/CNET


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