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BatKid stops crime, steals hearts in SF

Five-year-old Miles, battling leukemia, captured the entire Internet's attention, as BatKid, his superhero alter-ego, raced through a series of blockbuster scenarios around San Francisco, rescuing a damsel in distress, chasing down the Penguin, and even receiving a key to the city from the mayor.

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Typhoon Haiyan, November 9

While orbiting Earth onboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg took in a wide view of Typhoon Haiyan on Saturday, November 9, 2013, the day after the storm made impact in the Philippines.

"Typhoon Haiyan. November 9," Nyberg tweeted.

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Lady Gaga's flying dress

Lady Gaga achieves liftoff with the Volantis flying dress, a fashion contraption that won't fit through most doors.

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Saturn like you've never seen it

NASA's Cassini spacecraft sent back this stunning image of Saturn, along with seven of its moons, its inner rings -- and, in the background, the Earth. The image, which spans some 404,880 miles in all, appears as it would be seen by human eyes. This was a rare moment for Cassini, which was waiting for a chance to photograph when the sun would slip behind Saturn. This natural-color picture, which NASA just released, was taken on July 19 and is the first photograph taken from space in which Saturn, its moons and rings, and Earth, Venus and Mars, are visible.

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World's oldest creature

The Ming clam was thought to be 405 years old. Now Welsh scientists know it was 507 years old. Sadly, their probing it for its age killed it.

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Biodegradable 3D-printed underpants

Flexible material for 3D printing hit the market earlier this year, allowing for objects like jelly shoes, but 3D-printed cloth-like material seemed like a bit of a pipe dream. A Manchester, UK-based husband-and-wife team from Israel might just be about to change all that.

Tamar Giloh of Tamicare has invented what she calls "Cosyflex" -- a stretchy, biodegradable fabric 3D printed using a variety of materials.

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Toss this camera in the air

For true panoramic images, toss this camera in the air. The ball-shaped Panono contains 36 2-megapixel lenses and takes a 360x360-degree image when it is thrown into the air.

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Moscow subway cost: 30 squats

To ride the Moscow subway for free, do 30 squats. As part of a Russian campaign to make citizens healthier, riders who buy a ticket at Vystavochnaya station in western Moscow have the option of paying in squats.

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