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Dang nabbit, what's the matter with kids these days? In our day, phones had proper buttons and switches, and handsets that you could really grab on to. And a crank, maybe, if we were making a call from the trenches. But now we can barely see what's on those flea-sized screens.

Thank the Lord for the LG KF300, with its large-print view and big, back-lit buttons. We channelled our inner curmudgeon for a hands-on with this accessible mobile phone.

Like a pair of sturdy old-person shoes, this clamshell phone is no beauty, but it is practical. It's light at only 98g and thin enough to slip in the pocket of your elasticated trousers at 16mm thick. It's mostly black plastic, with some chrome trim around the sides and bottom and a disco-tastic blue prism-like front panel, which also sports a secondary screen with a big, bold clock.

Flip it open and you'll find a bright, colour screen and a speaker across the top that's much wider than average -- all the better to hear you with, my dear.

As well as the usual buttons, which are large and easy to press, there are also four feature buttons under the screen for the alarm, calendar, photo gallery and a customisable list of favourites.

The default font size in the menus is enormous, and it's also adjustable. Another feature worth mentioning is that every menu item has a keyboard shortcut key, which is something we'd like to see on more handsets.

The accessibility extends to the keypad tones, which are loud enough to wake the dead... isn't that right, Grandma? Grandma? Sorry, she was only asleep.

The KF300 keeps it simple with basic specs: a 2-megapixel camera, an achingly simple music player and a built-in FM radio.

Although it's not a handset to impress your peeps when you whip it out at the bus stop, we thought it was great to see a manufacturer producing handsets for people for whom a tiny phone is a struggle rather than a pleasure.

You can pick up the KF300 for free on a two-year Orange contract for £14 per month from the Orange Web site, so it's very affordable. If you're thinking of getting sensible, click through for more photos.

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The LG KF300 is comfortable to hold and pleasantly thin -- only 16mm -- without feeling flimsy.

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Closed, the KF300 has a bold clock and an 80s-inspired holographic design.

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The accessibility of the menus sadly didn't make it to the the home screen, which is hard to read, with tiny icons.

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