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Yes, that's right folks, the headline is totally correct: Toshiba has created a prototype of a TV that no one in the entire universe would ever buy. Despite that, it certainly caught our eye as we wandered about the Tosh CES booth. And we think you'll see why.

Toshiba thinks this is the TV for you, because it doesn't require any expensive wall-mounting or that pesky Ikea furniture that takes a lifetime to assemble, and we can see their point. Instead, this TV just leans against your wall like an ASBO-scoffing youth outside an off-licence.  

The TV has a mirrored surface that Toshiba thinks gives it a sense of depth. In reality, what it would give is a massive headache, as every light in the room is reflected back at you, ruining your viewing experience.

Were this TV ever to enter production, you'd just take it home, sling it against a wall and forget about it. Although you probably wouldn't actually forget about it, because every time you looked at it, you'd see yourself staring back. Plus, stuff like this almost always costs a fortune, because it's 'niche'.

On the plus side, Tosh has chucked a 250GB solid-state disk in this set. That means you can record all your favourite programmes to watch back later. A smart idea: SSD drives cut down on power use, noise and heat production compared to their hard brethren.

All things considered, we don't think this is one for us. If, on the other had, you like drinking in places that sell vodka for £400 a bottle and your profession is busting some rhymes, perhaps this would suit you.  

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As you can see, it does lean rather well. But perhaps leaning doesn't send the right message. Wouldn't a leaning TV say things about you that you'd rather weren't said? "This chap is so lazy, even his TV can't be bothered to stand up," or "Hey, check me out, I'm the owner of the world's most slovenly TV."

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As you can see, the reflections are pretty horrific. Why would anyone want to own a TV that has a surface so reflective, you could actually do your hair in it? Okay, who apart from Nate Lanxon and The Fonz would want a TV that was so reflective you could do your hair in it?

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When the TV is showing a bright white image, you don't notice the reflections as badly. But let's be honest, most TV is made up of dark bits, so buying this screen would be mostly very irritating.

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