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Apparently having just one X series product range wasn't satisfying enough for Sony. So here's another: the Vaio X series -- one of the thinnest, lightest 11.1-inch laptops we've ever held in our hands.

Sony's keeping its lips tightly sealed with regards to the machine's specs, but we know it'll run Windows 7 Professional, has an LED-backlit screen with a built-in camera, an integrated 3G modem and weighs a staggeringly tiny 680g -- almost half the weight of Sony's old 11.1-inch TZ series ultraportable.

All this is encased in a ludicrously thin carbon fibre chassis -- so thin, in fact, it actually bends. But there's a distinctly premium feel about it, helped in part by a dazzling high resolution display, and a compact, but intelligently laid-out keyboard. Typing was comfortable, though the trackpad was far too obnoxiously miniature for our liking.

Around one side you get Ethernet and VGA ports, to the other, a couple of USB holes and a headphone socket. No sign of a card reader unfortunately, or indeed the crucial price tag. Knowing Sony though, it'll be a costly little machine aimed at men who get driven more than they actually drive. We're expecting something upwards of £1,500.

But we'll find out a cost soon, because you'll be able to start ordering in the next couple of weeks we hear. Windows 7 doesn't launch until October 22 though, so don't anticipate the postman delivering your thin-and-light gift to yourself before then. More pics in the gallery over the page to tide you over in the mean time.

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Showing off how thin the screen is.
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Ludicrously thin, but robust despite its bendiness.
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Here's the keyboard, but you knew that.
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The tiny little trackpad.
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Some holes for shoving stuff in.
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