Sony has finally made a netbook. No, really this time. Though it's calling it a 'mini notebook', of course, but it's a 10.1-inch Atom-powered system, with a gig of RAM, Windows XP... y'know, the usual stuff.

There are a couple of notable features, though. One is ultra-fast 802.11n Wi-Fi, another is an LED-backlit screen, and one more is a questionable 160-minute battery life. Yeah, we didn't promise all those notable features are plus points -- the Eee PC 1000HE, for example, lasts for over 10 hours.

But it's a smart enough looking laptop, available in three colours, and its 16:9 format screen runs at a decent 1,366x768-pixels, which is suitable for playing back 720p hi-def video. This is unusually high-res for a netbook, although the Eee PC 1101HA we reviewed yesterday matches it.

As for pricing, things are a little sketchy. Sony's press office couldn't confirm anything concrete for the UK for when the Mini-W launches in August, but in the US at least it's going for $500. Swap that dollar sign for a UK pound and you're probably on the right tracks.

We'll have a review as soon as possible. Pictures of some hot boys and girls fingering it are over the next few pages. If you like juicy lifestyle press photos, boy is it your lucky day.

Ooh, a bit of voyeur photography going on here. That'll sell a laptop.
Oh man, she's just so casual.
If you're a man, you can also use the Mini-W. And it looks great if you sit around a bunch of trees all day. Beware: peeping Toms may take your photo.
Got a pink light, a pink room, a pink mouse and a pink laptop bag? What you need is a laptop coloured to suit you. Maybe a pink one.
Mrs Purple, just having fun being surrounded by purple here.
Going crazy and mixing pink with blue now. Is there anything this chick won't do?
Argh! She's turned into a laid-back, hoodie-wearing New Wave music fan. Kill it, quick, before it gets fail all over your new Vaio!
This laptop makes you look attractive. Seriously, if you buy one, you'll turn hot.


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