The Pionner Inno XMP3 is the smallest and lightest portable satellite-radio receiver we've had our hands on. It measures just 3.6 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and 0.6 inch deep and weights a scant 3.1 ounces.
Although it's made mainly of plastic, the device feels well-constructed and has a certain understated-design appeal with its stubby antenna and nice 2.5-inch color screen.
The right side features a dedicated volume rocker, which is critical in a device where you may often be browsing new stations and setting up recordings, both of which take you beyond the playback screen.
The left edge of the player houses a power/hold switch along with a mini USB port, which is used for syncing only--Pioneer includes a wall-wart adapter for power.
The power jack and a docking port take up the bottom side of the device. The entire area is designed to match up seamlessly with the included docking station
Pioneer includes several accessories for the Inno XMP3 in order to simplify its use in the home. In the package, you get a cradle, an extended antenna, an RCA audio-connection cable, and a remote. For on-the-go use, there's a pair of in-ear-style earbuds (not pictured).
A standard headphone jack, as well as a microSD-card slot, for memory expansion take up the space next to the antenna.
You'll need that extra storage, too--the Inno XMP3 only offers 2GB built in. A little more than 1GB is made available to you for syncing MP3s and WMAs, while the rest is dedicated to the XM radio functions, of which there are several.
First and foremost is recording, and Pioneer seems to have all of its bases covered here. You can record up to five channels, schedule recordings of up to 75 hours of your favorite channels, and set up automatic recording of up to 15 to 30 hours of those channels as well. There's also a one-touch recording option, which lets you record up to 10 hours of individual tracks. In addition, you have the ability to pause and replay up to 30 minutes of live radio.
All of this is made simple by the Inno XMP3's straightforward interface. Four main menu icons line the type of the display on most screens: Live XM, My Music Library, Auto Recordings, and Settings. The Live XM menu is divided into five selections of its own: Favorite Channels, All Channels, All Categories, XM Highlights, and Schedule Recording.


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