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The subject of today's thing-you-can-attach-to-a-cat's-head story is a black cat called Sox -- a large, meaty puss belonging to yours truly. Regular readers will remember us writing about a camera built to be strapped to just such a cat so you can pry into its private life. Well we got one sent in, and yes: we strapped it to a cat.

He didn't seem to mind, actually, as you can see in the photo above. The camera looks chunky, but it's actually quite lightweight and attaches to your cat's -- or dog's, or sheep's, or girlfriend's -- collar easily. And there it shall hang, taking a photo every one, five or 15 minutes, until its pitiful 6MB of internal memory is full. That's 40 photos in total.

40 photos of questionable quality, to be honest, and the memory isn't flash memory as found in most digital cameras. Instead, it's some kind of volatile RAM, and if you're unfortunate enough not to get your photos from your cat before the battery dies several hours later, you never will.

For £40, these specifications are crap, frankly. 16MB of flash memory could give you over 100 photos, none of which would vanish should Paws McBlack-Fur run away for a week. But as the only camera of its type we know of on the market, it'll have to do for now.

We left Sox to walk around taking pictures of the house he just moved into. Being an idle moggy, most of the photos were of the same wall, thanks to him spending several hours sleeping in the same spot. But if you chuck the cat out in the morning, expect some considerably more interesting snaps by the time he comes in for his dinner.

No, it's not great value. But yes, it is fun and it makes a smashing gift for anyone who's mad about their pet. The Pet's Eye View Camera is available now from IWOOT, and we've published a bunch of photos taken by Sox over the page.

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O hai Nate. Sure, that's my best side, go ahead. You can pay me in food.

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YAWN. Just layin' around, waitin for ma noms.

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Still no noms. Maybe I can catch something. Or get a lift to a cheezburger.

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Two hours has passed, still no noms. Might die here. If you don't hear from me in next week, it's 'cos I'm dead from the hungers.

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