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Winning the prize for Thing We Need Less Than A Belligerent Three-Legged Camel, Motorola has produced a £5,000 phone. Moto's tiny stand at Mobile World Congress contained very little excitement and certainly no top-notch handsets to match those we've seen from Palm, Sony Ericsson or Samsung. But it did have a phone that cost as much as a car.

You might've thought now would be a good time to really innovate, or pull out all the stops to create a business-saving handset that defies the recession. Nah, not Moto's style. Here's a £5,000 phone "for WAGS" -- yes, that's an actual quote from a Motorola rep on the stand.

Fewer than 100 will be manufactured, each of which contain 90 single-carat diamonds and take 21 days to build. It'll launch SIM-free at Selfridges in March.

Why on Earth you'd want one is another question. Maybe you want people to think you're a complete arse. If so, go ahead -- the specs are identical to the existing Motorola Aura, which means no Wi-Fi, no GPS, no 3G. What a huge pile of overpriced fail. Make sure you click through for another photo though!

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Here's the left-hand side of the phone we're too greasy to touch. In fact, unless you go out with a footballer, you're probably too greasy to touch one, too. Oh. Wait.

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