Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1KEG9R

Ginger on "Gilligan's Island," Carrot Top, and Bozo the Clown. These flaming-haired characters may be better-known stateside than Miss IFA, but could they promote gadgets with as much flair? Miss IFA is the face of Germany's ginormous consumer electronics show, Internationale Funkausstellung, held annually in Berlin.

Miss IFA was created in 2001, first as a virtual character. A few years later, she came to life--think Ginger goth girl for the geek set. She makes appearances at IFA press conferences, exhibitors' booths, and other show events. (Check her out in this video from the IFA press conference held in Malta earlier this year. On the island nation, she meets up with a jolly old man in red who looks awfully familiar.)

And then there are the much-anticipated photo shoots. Just like last year, she went out into the field (at times, an actual field) to show off some of the gadgets slated for IFA. We've put together some highlights.

IFA 2009 runs through September 9. Click here for a look back at IFA over the past few decades.

Here, Miss IFA demonstrates the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1KEG9R, in what is probably her favorite color.

Photo by: IFA

Dyson DC30

Miss IFA does her best Lara Croft, if Lara Croft wielded a Dyson DC30 handheld vacuum cleaner, that is.
Photo by: IFA

Miss IFA

Miss IFA appears to take phone calls, even when out in the field, surrounded by appliances and electronics slated for IFA 2009.
Photo by: IFA

Canon Powershot D10

It may appear that the Canon Powershot D10 has a "squirt water" mode, but that's not quite right. The Powershot D10 does enable users to take pictures under water though.
Photo by: IFA

HD 418 and HD 438 Sennheiser

The HD 418 and HD 438 headphones from Sennheiser are a bit bulky to wear as earrings. But if anyone could pull off the look it's Miss IFA.
Photo by: IFA

TX-P54Z1E plasma TV from Panasonic

Miss IFA gives the viewer an idea of the scale of the TX-P54Z1E plasma TV from Panasonic.
Photo by: IFA

Miele S7580 vacuum cleaner

If Lola of "Run Lola Run" ever were to slow down long enough to do a little vacuuming, she might feel relaxed and carefree--as Miss IFA seems to be. Here, she goofs around with the Miele S7580.
Photo by: IFA
Miss IFA will be happy to know that, among its features, the Samsung N310 Netbook comes with a finish that makes it "almost impossible for bacteria to live and breed."
Photo by: IFA

Elac 187 and FS 247 loudspeakers

Miss IFA is flanked by Elac 187 and FS 247 loudspeakers, one of which appears to have been inspired by Mondrian.
Photo by: IFA

Panasonic fridge-freezer

Miss IFA shows off her super human strength while propping up a Panasonic fridge-freezer. Is there anything she can't do?
Photo by: IFA


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