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The first officially-sanctioned photos of the LG Chocolate BL40 phone have hit the Web, and it boasts an innovative screen display sweeter than a Crunchie made out of Mars bars.

LG is testing our patience with an excruciating dripfeed of info-morsels on the BL40. First a teaser photo showed off a 2001-style black monolith, then we got a video suggesting "one stretched-out screen-a-thon".

That certainly proves to be the case with a 21:9-ratio, 102mm (4-inch) LCD screen. This means you can watch movies in proper widescreen, or make use of sidebars in your messaging and phone screens. There's also an acre of space for app icons.

Click through our gallery to see the BL40 in action.

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This image shows the browser screen, which looks to eliminate all that annoying sideways to-ing and fro-ing.

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Specs are still thinner than a Kit Kat finger, but we'll be keeping our eyes open and our sticky fingers prepared for when we find out more.

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