Apple Computer's latest collaboration with U2's Bono has iPod fans seeing red. This crimson-clad 4GB iPod Nano Red sells for $199. Apple plans to donate $10 from each sale to a Bono-affiliated campaign to fight AIDS in Africa.

The announcement of the iPod Nano Red is part of a cross-brand campaign called (Product) Red. Several other companies, including the Gap and Motorola, are also selling (Product) Red items whose sale proceeds include a donation to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Read full review
Photo by: Apple
This blushing Nano has the same stats as its silver, green, blue, and pink counterparts. Read full review
Photo by: Apple
The backside of this Nano is emblazoned with the (Product) Red logo, proudly declaring to the world that some of its profits went to help those less fortunate. Read full review
Photo by: Apple
U2 front man Bono and talk-show host Oprah Winfrey sport their red shopping bags in Chicago after buying (Product) Red items from the Gap. The duo was on their way to a Motorola store to buy red Motorola Razrs. Read full review
Photo by: PRNewswire
Other companies making contributions from the sale of (Product) Red products for the purchase of medicine for AIDS patients in Africa include Motorola, the Gap, Emporio Armani, American Express, and Converse.

Motorola has produced a special Bluetooth cell phone, the Red Motorol Razr VM3. Read full review
Photo by: Motorola
Emporio Armani is including items such as sports apparel, sunglasses, wallets, and watches in the (Product) Red program. Read full review
Photo by: Emporio Armani
The (Red) Manifesto outlines the business model for the (Product) Red campaign to provide antiretroviral medicine to AIDS patients in Africa. Read full review
Photo by: Apple


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