This under-cabinet LCD folds out of the way when you don't want to see it. The device brings a complete multimedia system to your kitchen in a small, sleek design.
Photo by: CNET Networks
The SmartShopper from The Sharper Image allows you to dictate and store your shopping list. When you're ready to shop, the SmartShopper will print out your list using its built-in thermal printer.
Photo by: The Sharper Image
Are you a late-night snacker? Well, the KWC Eve Faucet from Clarke Corporation has you covered. Nine LEDs outline the faucet, allowing you to use it in the darkest of situations or just as a handy night light.
Photo by: Clarke Corporation
The iHome IH36W is a great way to play music from your iPod in the kitchen. Also included is an FM receiver, digital clock with alarm, cooking timer, and a remote. The retractable iPod dock stows away when not in use.
Photo by: CNET Networks
The iLuv i199 has an impressive feature set considering its affordable price tag. Available in black or white, this iPod speaker dock, AM/FM radio, CD player, and Bluetooth receiver/transmitter will complement any kitchen setup.
Photo by: iLuv
If you're looking for a space-saving TV solution for your kitchen, look no further than the 20-inch LC-20B8U-S from Sharp. Even more impressive, this Aquos LCD TV will also accept an HD signal.
Photo by: CNET Networks
This is the perfect gadget for those who have had their ice cream eaten by a roommate or nosy guest. The Pint Lock will not only deter unwanted indulgers, but it will also make them question their friendship with someone who would put a lock on an ice cream container.
Photo by: Ben & Jerry's
Now this could come in handy--the SensorfreshQ will let you know if you should be eating that shady meat lying around the house. Using its "nose," the SensorfreshQ can detect the amount of bacterial activity on any uncooked piece of meat or poultry.
Photo by: The Sharper Image
Not sure if your guests have had too much to drink? Find out exactly with the AlcoHAWK PRO Digital Breath Alcohol Detector available from The Sharper Image.
Photo by: The Sharper Image
I knew my refrigerator was missing something. The LSC27991 from LG comes with an HD-ready LCD TV on one side and a weather-and-information center on the other. All this can be yours for under $4,000.
Photo by: LG
The Boston Acoustics MicroSystem CD is a perfect fit for any kitchen. Quite possibly the best-sounding tabletop CD player we've heard, the Microsystem CD will also play MP3 CDs.
Photo by: CNET Networks


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