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OLED continues to draw big crowds at CES, and we suspect the same will be true at IFA this year. It's not hard to see why. These paper thin TVs are beautiful. They have gloriously bright images with stunning colour and they make the MacBook Air look like a lard-arse.

We're pretty excited though, because the more companies that produce these screens, and they more they sell, the more likely we are to see sizes increase and prices drop. That said, OLED isn't without its problems. Lifetime, for example, is still quite short -- certainly nothing like the 60,000-odd hours you'd get with a small LCD.

One prospect that excites us is fitting these screens to laptops, which would benefit from the beautifully thin panel and lovely colours. This LG has the distinction of having a resolution of 1,366x768 pixels, which makes it significantly better than Sony's 960x540-pixel panel.

The 15-inch display should arrive this summer. There isn't any information on price yet, but we're going to assume it will be very expensive indeed. Universal econopocalypse be damned, we want one!

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At the LG booth, there were both table-standing screens and wall-mounted ones. If wireless HDMI would hurry up and arrive, we can see these screens being used an awful lot in all sorts of places. Can you imagine if your whole home was filled with these? One in the shower, one in the toilet. Sure, you'd have to be richer than God to afford them, but it would really be very cool indeed.
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Like all OLED screens, the colour and brightness just knock you off your feet. At some point, when you can get 1,920x1,080-pixel 50-inch OLED panels, we'll scream with excitement. As it stands right now, these screens are little more than a novelty, and an expensive one, at that.
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Look how deliciously thin it is. Seriously, supermodels must look at this and vomit with envy. We'd guess the final production model will have some electronics to handle inputs and such. So, like Sony's screen, there will be a sturdy base.
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These OLED screens are so small and thin, wall-mounting them is much easier. Hell, you could probably just glue one of these to your wall if you wanted.
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