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Numerous pairs of Atomic Floyd earphones have penetrated the waxy caverns of CNET UK ears over the last 12 months. Today we examine the fourth pair to enjoy such a privelege -- the Atomic Floyd TwistJax.

Every pair of Floyds have exceptional designs, but this £129 pair boasts a unique trait -- the earpiece twists to suit the direction of your ear canal. Essentially it allows the vertical shaft of the earphone to remain secure, while the bit that jams into your ear can rotate to make sure you get a fit that's both comfortable and secure.

On the inside, the TwistJax's drive units are identical to those in the HiDefDrum model we examined back in January, according to Atomic Floyd founder James Strong and designer Stefan Andrén, whom we met last week. And as such, they're killer 'phones for fans of dance and electronic music, with booming bass and a remarkably rich, open treble and high end.

At this price they're great-sounding, though as a result of their identical sound quality to the HiDefDrums -- which sell for several tenners less -- this pair doesn't represent as good value for money. But the twist mechanism is extremely effective -- the vertical metal shaft remained perpendicular to our ear, giving a secure fit, then we felt the earpiece twist to fit our ear canal as we inserted it. They definitely provide a noticeable comfort advantage over the cheaper model.

There are two downsides to note: one is that they take on some qualities of an open-back headphone, in that they leak sound to people around you. Also, they're weighty compared to the competition. Safe to say if you don't want to feel your earphones, look at the alternatives from Klipsch.

But overall, if style, fit and suitability to dance and pop music are your thing, these are a good buy, though it's important to remember the HiDefDrums offer better value for money in terms of performance. They're on sale now from the Atomic Floyd Web site, and we have some hands-on pics over the page.

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There's no question the Atomic Floyd range contains some of the most stylish earphones on the market today.

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The 3.5mm headphone jack is straight, for your pleasure.

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