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I thought Android was code-named cupcake

Windows 7 cupcakes wait to be plucked up at a Windows 7 launch party on October 22 in Albany, Ga. Other treats included a Windows 7 cake and pimento-cheese sandwiches on 7-grain bread. To wash all that down? 7-Up, of course.
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Welcoming in Windows 7

Connie Bramlett, at left, pastor of the Lutheran Church of our Saviour in suburban Albany, Ga., welcomes guests to a Windows 7 launch party held there last week.
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Windows 7 as door prize

The hosts decided to raffle off the contents of their "party packs" netting $77 for a local food pantry.
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Explaining Windows 7

To show off Windows 7 and answer questions, party hosts tapped several local techies. They are (from left to right) Zach Freeman and Don Eberhart of Neovoxx Computer Services, and John Baker, an IT Pro Evangelist from Atlanta.
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