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Although it's hard to get sharp photos with the SR7, the colors and detail are good enough to fill up a letter-size page.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lori Grunin

Usually, still frames extracted from video aren't as good as original still shots, but the SR7 does pretty well. (This is an extracted frame from the middle of a video.)

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lori Grunin

I was very impressed with the SR7's ability to reproduce a broad range of colors; here, you see browns and rusts, a variety of greens, subtle pinks and purples, and neutrals. Note the rainbow in the water fountain.

However, you can also see the camcorder's proclivity for blowing out highlights, which is pretty typical for consumer models.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lori Grunin

I happened to have the SR7 with me on a particularly dark, pre-thunderstormy evening. Although I wasn't impressed by the excessively cool automatic white balance under these circumstances (upper left), it handled the low-light exposures pretty well.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Lori Grunin
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