Sony's UMPC features a 1.33GHz Intel Core Solo processor, Windows Vista Business, and WAN support for Cingular's EDGE network. It starts at $2000, but another $500 will get you a bleeding-edge 32GB flash memory drive.
The OQO Model 02 is comparable to Sony's Vaio UX UMPC. It uses a different processor, but it offers more storage for a little less money. It's a shinier, more powerful upgrade to 2004's OQO Model 01.
This just-released, chunky-looking clamshell gadget is the most laptop-looking of the bunch, though its small size keeps it squarely in the UMPC category.
HTC's UMPC/smart phone supports nearly every mobile phone network out there. Unfortunately, it's not yet available here in the states.
With a 900MHz Celeron processor and only 256MB of RAM, Asus' $1,000 UMPC seems like a weakling compared to Sony and OQO's pricey powerhouses. Despite its dubious specs, the R2H still has plenty of interesting built-in features to offset its seemingly underpowered hardware; features include a Webcam, a GPS receiver, and even a fingerprint reader.
The upcoming Samsung Q1 Ultra is a sleek-looking follow-up to the company's original Q1 UMPC. Hopefully Samsung made some necessary improvements to the Q1 Ultra; the original Q1 fared poorly in our tests.


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