At about $7 each, the Real Gear Transformers don't actually work like the devices they mimic. On the other hand, it's probably a better idea to give your kid one of these instead of the new $400 gadget you just picked up at Best Buy.
This flip phone Autobot doesn't look nearly as slick as the Razrs and Blackjacks out there, but at least it has a camera... that turns into a robot's head.
Reminds us most of: Motorola i880
This Autobot camera actually looks like it would be a pretty good compact camera. You can press down on the shutter release to make a clicking noise, but that's all it'll do.
Reminds us most of: Canon PowerShot SD750
This MP3 player Decepticon doesn't look like an iPod at all. On the other hand, iPods don't come with a wireless earpiece that becomes a laser cannon.
Reminds us most of: iRiver T10
You can't play video games on this Decepticon, but at least he looks cool.
Reminds us most of: Sony PSP
This camcorder Decepticon is a lot smaller than most camcorders we've reviewed, but the general shape is the same.
Reminds us most of: Canon ZR850
This Autobot turns into a pair of binoculars. Unfortunately... we don't really review binoculars.
Reminds us most of: A pair of yellow binoculars.


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