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Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13

HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook

Apple iMac (27-inch)

Microsoft Surface Pro

The MacBook Pro with Retina Display, while expensive, is the best all-around MacBook Apple now makes, and its super-high-res screen makes images -- even simple text -- look beautifully clear. It's the ultimate laptop status symbol right now.
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A great halfway point between laptop and tablet, the Yoga 13 is a great way to introduce dad to tablets, without compromising the more-familiar laptop shape and functionality.
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If dad is a technophobe and/or a luddite, a Chromebook may be the way to go. The simple browser-based OS makes it hard to screw things up too badly, and most of the basic tools he'll want -- e-mail, Netflix, news -- are all easily accessible.
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The latest iMac looks fantastic sitting on a desk, and if dad isn't ready to pull the plug and go all-in on a laptop or tablet, this is still the desktop computer to beat.
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Sure, the battery life isn't stellar, but the amazingly portable package that the Surface Pro offers up can't be beat. Add a comfortable Type Cover keyboard, and the Surface Pro becomes a supercharged iPad-sized PC capable of no-holds-barred Windows computing on the go. It also comes with a pressure-sensitive stylus, a feature that may be making a bit of a comeback.
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