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A.V. Club

Editor's note: Every week we ask folks around the office a question to see what makes them tick. This week we asked which YouTube channels they love the most.

The A.V. Club channel is the one I find myself going back to most often, specifically its "Undercover" series. The premise is that A.V. Club editors create a list of 25 or so songs, both recent and "classic," then invite current bands to choose one from the list, create their own version of that song and then come to the A.V. Club's Chicago offices to perform it before the cameras. Some interpretations are taken quite seriously while others have generous helpings of irony, but they're nearly all fascinating and have led me to artists I hadn't previously discovered. My fave discovery so far? That would be Wye Oak's very poignant take on Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" from Season 4. Also well worth checking out are death metal cartoon band GWAR's several reworkings of a number of later 20th century rock staples, ranging from Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son" to "West End Girls" by the Pet Shop Boys, nearly all NSFW and all screamingly funny.

- Jim Hoffman, copy editor

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Gentle Whispering

At this point, I primarily watch YouTube for ASMR videos, and Gentle Whispering's Maria is known widely in the community as the queen of ASMR. For those who don't know, ASMR is the tingly feeling you get on the back of your neck when someone, say, gives you a haircut or whispers in your ear. ASMR videos typically use binaural microphones to try and trigger that sensation with different sound. Maria's soothing nature helps millions of viewers to relieve stress, unwind, and gently fall to sleep.

- Rebecca Fleenor, executive assistant

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Binging with Babish

Definitely Binging with Babish. You have probably seen it front page on Reddit more than a few times. Simple premise: how to cook your favorite food from your favorite TV/movies. The pancakes from "Twin Peaks," Prison Sauce from "Goodfellas," and my personal favorite: Milk-steak from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." He's got a sharp dry wit and due to his previous work as a cinematographer a very sharp presentation.

- Bryan VanGelder, studio production manager and sound engineer

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Nerd Burger

I'm a big fan of Nerd Burger. It's hosted by an energetic and super-bubbly Aussie host Cazz who loves to review comics, horror films and toys. Her videos show off the latest treasures she discovers at thrift shops, which usually includes books, toys and fashions from '80s and '90s. And she really loves Scooby-Doo. Anytime I feel down about life, I watch one of her videos and immediately feel happy. If you like all things retro geeky, you'll love her show.

- Bonnie Burton, contributing editor

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When I receive a new video notification from Bell99TV, I save it like a special dessert, to be savored and watched when I have time to really enjoy it. The channel is a time warp of goofy historical videos of the kind "Mystery Science Theater 3000" loves to mock. Videos range from the serious (a blunt look at rural poverty in the 1960s) to the silly (shopping mall fun in the 1950s). But my favorite might be this wacky dream of the cars 1950s shoppers thought we'd be driving in the year 2000, featuring the actor who voiced George Jetson. Dammit, I want my self-driving, flying car!

- Gael Fashingbauer Cooper, contributing editor

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Strip Panel Naked

I have to say Strip Panel Naked. It's SFW, I promise. Everyone knows what can make a comic good. Compelling art, intriguing plotlines, solid characters. But what makes good comics unique? That's what Strip Panel Naked creator Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou covers in his channel that takes comics criticism to an entirely different level. Want to know what to read? Check it out. Want to know what REALLY made what you just read great? Like and subscribe.

- Morgan Little, social media strategist

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How it Should Have Ended

Ever watch a mainstream action movie and notice a plot hole so gaping you could fill it with a ship full of oildrillers rapidly trained to be astronauts? So has the team at How It Should Have Ended (or HISHE for short), which produces witty satirical looks at blockbuster movies and the subtle (or not-so-subtle) moments that would dramatically change (or more realistically: end) the story. It also features a hysterical original series called Super Cafe, featuring Batman and Superman chilling out in a diner talking about their various escapades (its funnier than it sounds, especially to fans of the comic book movies).

- Jeremy Toeman, vice president, product

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Alt Shift X

For me it's Alt Shift X.

It's mostly "Game of Thrones" explainers, theories and predictions done in a insightful, intelligent and funny style. Super addictive spoilerific geek out!

R+L=J is the best episode!

- Marc Ganley, video producer, XCar

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Man at Arms Reforged

Man at Arms Reforged is everything wonderful about YouTube. Take a bunch of people who have a cool, rare skill set (in this case blacksmithing and jewelry making) and have 'em walk viewers through the process of creating something. Which just happens to be a lot of pop culture weapons and armor, like Wonder Woman's shield, Predator's wrist blades, and Genji's katana from Overwatch. Short-form documentaries, molten metal and hammers with video game weapons, what's not to love?

- Donovan Farnham, Roadshow social media editor

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Cinema Sins

The channel that I make a point to watch as soon as there's a new video is CinemaSins. You'd think watching video after video pointing out what's wrong in popular movies would make you not enjoy movies, but that hasn't happened yet. It's even gotten to the point where I notice the types of things in the videos while I'm watching a movie in the theater. Also, it makes me laugh out loud, and sometimes I just need a good laugh.

- Jeff Sparkman, senior copy editor

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You Suck at Cooking

I watch a lot of channels, but You Suck at Cooking is easily my favorite. It's basically a guy making jokes and visual gags while showing you how to cook various things. There are always parts of every show where I'm literally laughing out loud. Everyone should watch this channel!

- Jason Parker, senior editor

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The Double Toasted

My favorite YouTube channel is not at all SFW and features two bodybuilding twins. So I won't talk about them here. My second favorite channel however (which isn't quite as raunchy) is Double Toasted. It's 3-4 dudes (including creator Korey Coleman, and at times the lone female, Danielle Dallaire) riffing on movies mostly, but also video games and viral videos. It's dumb, it's sometimes thoughtful, but is always entertaining.

Eric Franklin, managing editor

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