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iPad (4th generation)

Want a "real" tablet machine? Not willing to settle for something that conveniently fits in your pocket or purse? The tablet field has gotten delightfully diverse in recent months. Here, we round up our favorite full-size tablets.

Thanks to its hundreds of thousands of available apps, superfast performance, fantastic media consumption ecosystem, and beautiful screen, the iPad is still the full-size tablet of choice.

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Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

This is Android's flagship full-size tablet. The Infinity earns that distinction with an overclocked Tegra 3 processor, an incredibly bright and sharp screen, and a full Android 4.1 Jelly Bean experience.

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Nexus 10

With Android 4.2, a powerful processor, and one of the best and most durable designs ever for a tablet, it's easy to forget that the Nexus 10 has the highest resolution screen yet on a tablet. Well, maybe not easy.

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

OK, it's not a 10-inch tablet, but it's close enough and as the best media consumption tablet out there, Fire HD 8.9 is definitely good enough to make the list.

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Barnes & Noble Nook HD+

The Barnes & Noble media ecosystem currently plays second (or is that fourth?) fiddle to the Amazons, Apples, and Googles of the world, but what the Nook HD+ lacks in media options it more than makes up in value. At $269, it's one of the most appealing full-size tablets out there.

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Microsoft Surface

Thanks to the inclusion of Office 2013 and its keyboard, the Surface proved to be the best productively tablet there is.

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