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Foggy Seattle morning

Last week, Apple named Instagram its iPhone App of the Year. With more than 14 million users worldwide, we figured some Crave readers were sure to count among them, so we put out a call for your best Instagram creations. You did not disappoint. We've received well over 200 images from around the world--beautiful, melancholic, quirky, color-drenched, black-and-white shots of sunrises, sunsets, trees, flowers, snowflakes, cityscapes, pets, kids, rusty door handles, old shoes, new haircuts, and much more.

Each day this week, we'll be publishing a gallery featuring five of our very favorite pictures of the bunch. With so many impressive images to choose from, choosing standouts hasn't been easy, but we've done our best.

Our first showcased shot comes from John C. (Instagram user johncornicello), who snapped this picture last month on a foggy morning in his hometown of Seattle. It features the George Washington Bridge, known locally as the Aurora Bridge. John used the Earlybird filter to enhance the effect.

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Scottish highlander

While on vacation in Scotland, Asif N. of London (Instagram user asifn) took this close-up of a hirsute highlander along the water. "I'm normally very scared of animals.. but I had to brave myself to get this shot, as the picture I had in my head was to include the open ocean," Asif said.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user asifn
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Caught in a hail storm

Rick L. of Denver (Instagram user hansrico) used the Hefe filter and tilt-shift effect to enhance this moody shot of a May hail storm. He took the picture from a fourth-floor office window.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user hansrico
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Shoes and shadows

Reema N. (Instagram user reema7) chose the Nashville filter for this shot, which she snapped while waiting for a train to work in Mumbai, India. "I work in advertising and am always looking for inspiration from the mundane," she says.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user reema7
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By the lake

Christos S. of Athens, Greece (Instagram user christos84), captured a peaceful moment by the lake in the Greek city of Ithaca. He used Instagram's Rise filter.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Instagram user christos84
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