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Olympus has announced a trio of budget-friendly cameras that are exclusively available through selected shops. With the VR-320, pictured above, the VR-330, and the VG-110, you can choose from 3D snapping, a 12x zoom or an £80 price tag.

The two VR cameras sport a 12.5x optical zoom, with a 24mm wide angle. They're both 14-megapixel snappers that capture 720p high-definition video, and they both come in silver, black, red and blue.

The VR-330 boasts an HDMI connection so you can watch video and stills on a hi-def television. If it's a 3DTV, you can also view the VR-330's 3D photos. To take a 3D picture, select 3D mode, take the first shot, then move the camera until it snaps a second. The two pictures from slightly different angles are then combined into an .mpo file, which is a standard format that can be played back on your 3D telly or laptop. You'll need special glasses though.

Both sport 3-inch screens, but the VR-330 offers 460,000-dot resolution and the VR-320 roughly half that. Other features include seven 'magic filters', which apply different looks such as soft focus, fish-eye or new sparkle effects.

The same effects are also found in the 12-megapixel VG-110. It features a 4x optical zoom with a 26mm wide angle. The screen is a weedy 2.7-inches and there's no optical image stabilisation, but what do you expect for 80 quid?

The 330 will cost £160 from online retailers. The 320 will cost £140 and will only be on sale at Jessops. The £80 VG-110 is exclusively available in Boots. They're all out this month.

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The VR320 in red.
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The VR330.
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The budget VG-110.
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